Just Host is Just Simply Frustrating

October 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m having trouble with my site PinoyObserver.com. After transfering this site from wordpress.com to JustHost.com, I’m encountering problems. First, the transfer of my files is taking tooo damn long. Second, my request for JustHost to change the dashboard of this site from wordpress.com to wordpress.org so that I’ll be able to change the theme is also taking too long. I’m getting frustrated. They said the transfer will take effect within two days. Their recent however, said that it would take five. I am starting to get very pissed. It would have been better if I opted Siteground.com. The process would have been smoother.

What is most frustrating here is the Justhost live chat. They don’t give you concrete answers. They want you to be patient, but they simply are too incompetent to answer some of my questions. I am no tech guy. That’s why I want to know what’s a DNS transfer and why is it taking too long to transfer my files.

If the guys over at JustHost.com reads this—I’M PISSED, REALLY PISSED WITH YOUR SERVICE. If you don’t improve in the next few days, I’ll cancel my order and raise hell.

I just looked at my blog stats and its down to either zero or eight. What a bummer.


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