Kris Aquino-James Yap split latest news

June 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

What is to be done Noy?

Its official–Kris Aquino just left the conjugal home and separated from James Yap. Some people say, it’s really just a matter of time before this happens. Remember that the two have been having marital problems since about two years ago, what with the alleged philandering activities of Yap. This is, I think, the third time Kris separated from her partner and the first for Yap.

Yap, in an interview by Gretchen Fullido of TV patrol said that he leaves the decision to Kris. Kris, in turn, left the house and is now staying in a condo with her two sons, Baby James and of course, her love child with Philip Salvador.

Several years ago, when Tita Cory was still alive, Kris had a very public split with former Paranaque mayor Joey Marquez. It was very public because of accusations of domestic violence, with Kris accusing Joey of mauling her. Kris sought refuge from her parents and siblings, that includes kuya Noynoy.

Every one heard how Kris suffered at the hands of Joey Marquez and everyone even knew that Kris got a venereal disease from Joey…allegedly. That very nasty and very public at that incident left a lasting memory in the public mind.

Now, with this very public split which came a few days prior to Noynoy’s inauguration, will this affect the composure of the incoming president? I really hope not.

Kris Aquino is again a separated woman

Remember that when Cory died, Noynoy vowed to protect his siblings. He is the only son of the democratic icons and it is now his responsibility of making sure that his sisters are happy. Now, some would definitely say that this issue has nothing to do with the new administration. It definitely has.

Its a pity that this split happened. Many people hope that this James Yap episode is the last for Kris who is not getting any younger. She’s turning 40 in a few months time and being 40, well, puts you on the last line for marital eligibility. I mean, who would dare enter into a relationship with a fortish woman, right?

Actually, this relationship, at the very onset, is disastrous for Kris for two reasons: one, she is more intelligent than James Yap and second, they belong to different worlds. James Yap is not your usual cono. Fact is, his family is not as wealthy and as popular as Kris. Of course, any one for that matter will feel insecure in the arms of a woman more popular, more intelligent and wealthier than you.

Lastly, I think, the age gap. Kris is older than James and James, I think, is really not that mature enough to handle a lady such as Kristeta. It’s really so sad since they have a son. And they don’t really realize that it is the son who will suffer the most in the end.

I think you would agree with me that the reason why Kris right now suffers from some very serious personal dilemma is her serious involvement in showbizness. I think that Kris is swimming in a world which truly hates her. She really does not belong to this glitter and glamour world of pretenders. She is being destroyed bit by bit and really suffering tremendous personal problems because of her wrong choice of men.

Let’s just pray for Kris to realize this and probably, just entertain the idea of entering into business or possibly, in politics. Kris, as they say, has the intelligence, the gift of gab and the wit of her father while having the charisma of her mother. Kris, I think, decided to get involved in politics as a way out of her destiny. She hates politics because of what it did to her family. And probably, she does not like being seriously involved in business because she is, well, more of an artist that a wheeler-dealer.

Whatever she decides next, let’s just pray that she finds someone who will truly accept and love her for who she is—a fragile lady with many psychological baggages.


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