Think Big, Pinoy!

June 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

A new day is upon us. Whatever some people say, that nothing will change in this country, what with those same old tired bogeys now appointed again to head some agencies of government in the new Aquino administration, change will definitely happen if we, the People, initiate it. Great things will come once we, as a united people, think about it. What is so good about having a new government, we all have the chance to contribute our small plans and efforts, and put all of these into one grand plan for the government to consider.

If we all would just sit back and enjoy the ride, we may never get what we want, which is a better quality of life. We all must strive for it. Great things come when we work hard for it. It is not something magical that will just appear out of thin air, no. We need to work together and pull all our assets and resources together into one big enterprise which is called Nation-building.

Today, we inaugurate a new president. I know almost everyone is tired already and want to move on with their lives. Good. Most of us who truly hope for change must work for it. We must be vigilant and we all must ensure that the changes we want are the changes this government knows , otherwise, expect nothing to happen.


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