Noynoy Aquino: From Wang Wang Republic to a People’s Republic

July 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Noynoy Aquino--new Philippine president

The inaugural speech of new Philippine president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is a subtle declaration of war against members of his own class, who continually acts and behaves like petty kings and midget queens in this weak Republic of the South China sea. Great emphasis was made on the transition, from an inept and unresponsive government, to a democratic and efficient one. And effort was made to hammer out the message that this government means well and wants to equalize the opportunities for all.

Overall, I say that the core message of the inaugural speech was a smooth transition from a “Wang wang” republic dominated by parasitic elites to a “People’s Republic”. Such symbolism is not just a mere and trifling one, it is full of meaning. That message was directed precisely at members of the rich and famous who think highly of themselves and view the country and its people as “cattle”, as “serfs” and “property”. Who uses “wang wangs” or sirens but the rich and the notoriously famous? And who often violates simple traffic rules, but those with chedengs and BMs? They are the ones who often ran over simple street vagrants over and ram their multi-million SUVs in the opposite side of the road. If you actually go over the MMDA traffic monitoring center, these rich and infamously fabulous are the ones who park their cars illegally along Ortigas avenue and cause the most traffic by changing lanes along national highways.

By “disarming” the rich, and equalizing the most mundane of all concerns, Aquino practically established the core nature of his administration–an administration that views justice not with a legal lense but as what it truly is—a democratization of opportunities.

While we discuss the “wang wang” issue in such an animated manner, our attention was rather taken away from the most critical issues, such as agrarian reform, high fuel and food prices,  poverty, joblessness and human rights violations.  Aquino gave us a broad swath or a dizzying taste of how he wants to solve these things, but people want to see an immediate relief from abusive and unscrupulous practices by large companies.

Example–oil companies have been selling exorbitant prices of gasoline and LPG. Government should immediately take action and correct this injustice.

Food prices remain very high. The DTI should exert its power and correct this immediately. Likewise, Meralco should not be allowed to run amuck and impose higher electricity rates just because its owners are political allies of the new President. Its actions should be subjected to a deeper investigation, and its overpricing should be immediately averted and revenues collected from this injustice should be returned from the people.

Hence, what am I saying? I am saying that the Department of Justice must not solely be used as a political weapon against the former dispensation. Aquino should direct its guns not just on political offenders; they should target big fishes who:

1. practices unjust trade practices

2. practices unjust labor standards

3. practices cartelism and economic sabotage

4. engages in illegal drug trade

5. engages in illegal gambling

6. criminal elements involved in kidnapping and other crimes

If these causes of social discontent are immediately eradicated by the new administration, then, it is the most pleasing reward for those who repose their trust in Aquino.


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