Megan Fox and my extended romance for change

July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Me and my friends, Senator Loren, Arlyn dela Cruz, Me and Ding G

I am already thirty nine years old and I still yearn for change. When I was still a university student leader, some one told me that that was just a phase in my life, that I will learn to accept that the more people yearn for change, the more things remain the same.

For the past ten years or so, I have been involved in causes, ranging from environmental to downright rebellion. Politics runs in my veins like its part of my blood. Probably because I came from a poor family, that’s why I always want something to change. Or maybe, I just felt sad whenever I see my fellow men at the end of a bad bargain.

I think the system is adaptable that’s why change will never happen even in my lifetime. My extended romance for change will always end with something of a compromise. And this, I know, several of my compatriots also feel. They share the same passion and equally, the same frustration. And why is that?

Millions of people live like ghosts in the system yet they remain slaves of themselves simply because the system allows them to breathe while it snatches their souls from their bodies. Meaning, the system is so God-like and so demon-like that you simply don’t know what it is or why everytime someone calls for change, things still remain as it is.

Example would be those who are stars in the galaxy we call showbiz. Ask me about a great female singer, and you’ll always come up with the same familiar names who have already dominated the industry since the early 80’s. Ask me a great actor and you’ll definitely tell me names like Johnny Depp, Densel Washington, or Robert de Niro. These people stay the longest because they have the capability of re-imagining themselves.

Johnny Depp personifies eternity. Despite being at least in his forties, Johnny looks like that one cute guy in that Oliver Stone movie back in the 80’s. His looks do not change at all. He is still the guy appearing in those avant-garde movies some people call freakies.

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is one hot mamma who looks like she’s that young PYT in those 80’s teeny bopper movies. I mean, she’s already hitched with John Travolta but she’s still as hot as when she was still single and without the big rock in her little fingers.

Megan Fox just tied the knot and you know what? That shows you how life can turn from being beautiful to outright un-sexy. Somethings got to give and sometimes people give up their most precious to deal with something trivial. Megan did just that–sacrifice her sexiness for one big rock in her fingers.

There are, however, people who remain sexy even when they’re already married. Beyonce is one. She looks extremely hot, yet she belongs to just one man. I don’t know about Lady Gaga, but there are speculations that she also, has just one man in her freakin heart.

People and systems remain relevant because of adaptation and their strong desire to survive. And I must laud Charles Darwin for coming up with that excellent theory of adaptation. Re-imagination is really the name of the game. People and systems survive because they are able to adapt themselves to the trends and flow of things without really doing nothing so drastic as revolution.


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