Hostage taking in Rizal Park: Filipinos paying for the ineptitude of Aquino Government

August 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

New day for the Aquino administration

Filipinos everywhere are paying the price for the boltched hostage taking in Manila last Monday. Reports are coming in of a series of rallies being planned by Hongkongers against the Philippine consulate in the island state. Several indications point to an increasing tension between Hongkongers and Filipinos.

The emotion is palpable. Hongkongers are blaming the Philippine government for the deaths of eight Hongkong tourists. They felt that the government did not do enough to solve the situation. An on-going investigation conducted by the Philippine Senate shows that, indeed, several lapses were committed by the ground commander.

What is most note-worthy is the fact that government wants to really know what happened and is willing to rectify the errors, particularly in the standard operating procedures. At the Senate probe, it was later revealed that there are several SOPs already established.

What really caused all of these things could be subsumed to two things: first, the ineptitude of those who implemented these procedures and the lack of training and materiel by the implementing teams.

Is the lack of proper equipment due to lack of funds? No. Government has allocated enough funds to the tune of 200 million pesos to the Philippine National Police for the re-arming and re-equipping of their personnel.

What is lacking is training, especially in Crisis Management. If you want more information on crisis management, email me your copy of my book, ” The Black Book on Crisis Management: How to Diffuse a PR Crisis in Just 3 Days.”


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