Coloma’s act should be an example

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Presidential Communications team just told the President that he is ready to resign if asked. This is in connexion with the botched hostage crisis last August 23. Coloma responded to an earlier appeal by Philippine legislator Edcel Lagman for President Aquino’s men, particularly Coloma, Ricky Carandang and Robredo to resign their posts for alleged ineptitude.

At last, there is someone inside the palace who still feels hiya. I thought everyone is now pusong bakal na.

What about the other two? Are they still clinging to their posts like leeches? I mean, why take several days for these “distinguished” men to owe up the responsibility? Probably, they are enjoying the limelight so much, they forgot already how it is to be a responsible public official.

A Public official is one who serves at the pleasure of the people. If the people believe that one is responsible for the mishandling of the hostage negotiations, then, the best thing to do is resign. That is the straight road which Pres. Aquino meant when he spoke before a huge crowd in his inauguration. Have we so forgotten this very simple fact already since we are now inside the palace?

And, are we being cursed by the same disease which afflicted those before us? That disease of being glued to our perfumed seats inside that snake pit called Malacanang?

A year ago, these men were calling for the resignation of their predecessors and accusing them of being “leeches” and “gahaman” or “Greedy for power”. Now, what? What will these people do in the face of massive public outrage against them? Will they act like their predecessors and defend their turf with their lives?


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