Quran burning–modern day bigotry by a publicity-hungry Preacher

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reverend Terry Jones, an avowed anti-Muslim preacher, has taken back his threat to burn the Noble Quran, the holy book of the Muslims, after being assured that plans for the establishment of an Islamic center or mosque on ground zero, have been nixed.

Jones, who hugged global headlines with his ridiculous threat, now feels triumphant. However, it now seems that Jones got the bum end of a “deal”. The leader of New York’s Islamic group says there is no serious “deal” to build an Islamic center to “begin with” and even if there are indeed plans, so what?

Jones leads a 50-member Pentecostal Church in Florida. Jones quickly got the publicity he wants when he made those threats, which President Obama thinks as merely a stunt meant to increase publicity about Jones and his church.

Imagine how stupid Jones is. He wants to risk the security of US troops in the Middle East with his darned publicity stunts. Maybe instead of the burning of the Koran, some people would start thinking of burning Jones instead.

I remember another preacher by the name of Jones who lead his own flock to the death pits at that ghastly place called Jonestown. I am inclined to think there is something utterly wrong or strange in having a surname such as Jones.


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