Puno knows jueteng lords in Luzon and Visayas

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Another disappointment, this response from President Noynoy Aquino again regarding Dagupan archbishop Oscar Cruz’s expose on the alleged involvement of several of his cabinet members on the illegal numbers game.

Pnoy could not believe the story because Cruz said that his men are being given 2 million each. For Pnoy, Cruz story is entirely false because those who allegedly on the take,just gets 2 million each. Reason why? Pnoy said jueteng operates as a billion peso industry and 2 million is pittance.

And it was so easy for Pnoy to dismiss the story outright, without even giving Cruz the attention that expose deserves. What Cruz is doing is simply trying to tell the President that his men are involved, but it seems the President wants nothing to do with it. For if Noy is really interested, what he’ll say is he will crush all jueteng operations in the Philippines and punish their backers and protectors in government. That is the presidential answer, not outrightly dismissing the story just because a 2 million peso bribe is simply too small for jueteng lords to give as protection money.

Sources in the illegal rackets game say that as much as 50 million pesos goes to Malacanang to take it easy with them. Governors, police generals, legislators and those officials in the executive are on the take, we all know that. Jueteng is very easy to eradicate, if government only wills it or wants it erased. Officials know who lords it over jueteng in a particular place. Its an open secret.

Curiously though, the answers of Pnoy’s men are very disappointing. DILG secretary Jesse Robredo says he’ll not act without damning evidence against alleged jueteng lords while his undersecretary, Rico Puno, says he was approached by emissaries of the jueteng lords. And he probably knows who these people were since he says he knows jueteng lords which control regions 2,3 and 4.

Puno naman pala knows who these jueteng lords are, why is he letting them loose? Talk about traversing the open and straight road, this one is truly for the books.


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