Reyn Bernido–wanted sa estafa?

September 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Remember the alleged “PR guy” whom President Benigno Aquino choose to reply in his Facebook account? That guy’s name is Rain Bernido, aka Reyn. And he’s wanted by the law for a string of estafa cases against him.

And you know what? The entire Filipino internet community is now up in arms over the alleged moro-moro he did with the Aquino administration.

Bernido has been accused of large-scale estafa by his former colleagues in a company whom he worked for for so many years. . .

Bernido is being accused of colluding with a Palace official to give the impression that Philippine president Benigno Aquino is responding to the thousands, even millions of complaints against him.

Based on the alleged “script’, Bernido reportedly wrote a Facebook article, portraying himself as an alleged Pnoy supporter. It turned out that Bernido is really not a registered voter and was never a Pnoy supporter.

Anyway, Bernido wrote a litany of alleged woes against Aquino for which Aquino responded by telling him of the numerous accomplishments his administration already did.

Sources in the internet blogging community are now saying that Aquino should have ordered the arrest of Bernido, who is reportedly a fugitive of the law.


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