Robin Padilla-Mariel’s Marriage in India is a fluke

September 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

The World Tonite just interviewed Robin Padilla. Padilla has been  under intense controversy lately over his supposed marriage with Mariel Rodriguez. In his public pronouncement, Robin admitted that he married Mariel in Muslim rites last August 19, 2010. He says that all rites and ceremonies shortly after that, and that includes the Ibaloi ceremony in Baguio, are just “affirmations” of his earlier marriage in India.

I hate to be a prude, but Robin Padilla is not yet legally married with Mariel. For one, the couple’s wedding in India is void ab initio or void from the very start. Why?

Robin entered into a marriage with Mariel without the requisite marriage license. The marriage license is an important component for a valid Philippine marriage. For two people to be legally married, they should be holding a valid marriage license prior to the ceremony.

In the case of this alleged marriage between Padilla and Rodriguez, it was evident that there was no marriage license that was secured by the two. Likewise, during the ceremony, there was no representative from the Philippine consulate.

It was irrelevant what kind of religious ceremony was involved, the very fact that a marriage should follow constitutionally and legally procedures based on the Family Code of the Philippines before they should get married.

For the benefit of Mariel, Robin should divulge that their marriage is a sham, or legally impaired. There is no marriage last August 19.


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§ One Response to Robin Padilla-Mariel’s Marriage in India is a fluke

  • Paula Sanches says:

    Robin is a player. Everybody knows that. Maybe this Mariel asked for marriage. She got a fake one. No papers just a camera to record their unity. So Robin can balked out if he gets burned. I just wonder why this people take marriage like a game. And of course their is a publicity contract from ABS CBN so they would earn. I pity the woman. She looks she’s stupidly in love. I wish someone who knows the law would tell the public that this marriage is a sham.

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