Love at first sight (but not like in politics)

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Helen Fisher, professor of Anthropology at the Columbia University explains in this article how love at first sight works. She writes that we are all wired to behave like other animals do when they want to copulate. Fisher says what we term as “love at first sight” is actually our primordial animal lust acting in wondrous fashion. It is something which we inherited from our ancestors, this feeling deep inside that unleashes these passions, these longings.

This is not to say about politics. In politics, we give a new administration 100 days.

Surveys say, we fell in love with this new administration last May. We are now nearing 100 days and instead of feeling this primordial lust, we now feel like killing or even harming the new administration.

It’s like this administration suddenly fell out of favor in just 100 days. Wow.

And we are feeling like what Kris Aquino felt about her husband James Yap. After five years of marital bliss, Kris just suddenly felt that it is time for her to move on and get something out of another relationship, or another man.

Good thing that it lasted five years. Kris’ other relationships have lasted fewer than that. Were all those times just loves at first lust, err, sight? Maybe, that’s something of an itch which Kris needs to scratch, everytime.

And is this this itch which we so need to scratch each and every time there’s a new administration? Since the first Republic, we always, always feel that something better should have been built from the pillars of existing institutions.

We are, essentially, revolutionists. Like lovers, we always feel hatred once we already sampled the first try. Or the first kiss.


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