Smoking cigarettes kills

October 3, 2010 § 4 Comments

I am a voracious smoker and I want to quit.

Even before going to the Bloggers’ roundtable discussion sponsored by the Health Justice Philippines last night, I really intended to quit smoking. Since a week ago, I had this vicious cough and it’s irritating. And I am pretty sure that it’s related to smoking.

I’ve been smoking since 1992. Yep, after graduation from the university, I caught the smoking habit while typing away 47 stories per day inside a DZBB newsroom. My brain was wired with it–fast typing equals one stick.

I started with Philip and ended with Winston. I tried Fortune and different stuff. I’m experimental, but Winston seems okey with me. I’ve been a Winston guy since I saw somebody smoking with it.

And I don’t care if its lights or red, for as long as I can light it, sure.

Now, I’ve been smoking for eighteen years and I dein look at x-rays of my precious lungs. They’re probably as black as soot.

I tried several times to quit, only to relapse and get back into the habit. Most of my friends told me to just give it up immediately and don’t rely on any medicine or drugs. I tried, and again failed. Such a weakling when it comes to smoking.

My desire to quit is basically my health. I am weaker than before. I can’t run as fast as I was eighteen years ago. The reason I don’t go to rallies anymore is simple—I am sure to be arrested because I can’t really run as fast as others.

Of course, this is just a minor or shall we say, very mild counter-effects of smoking. Most die due to emphysema, others breast cancer. The cancer of the throat is also one of the leading causes of death due to smoking. And the list goes on and on.

My father died due to smoking. I’m pretty sure I’m next.

You don’t actually die due to smoking—you die because of the hazardous chemicals contained in what you smoke. These chemicals are those used in killing mice. The more flavorful your smoke is, the more hazardous stuff it contains.

I am a smoker and I hate cigarette companies for not telling me that they’re selling toxic stuff. This is like saying that hey you buy me, I am addictive and I’ll kill you in a few years but I’ll not tell you that.

Cigarette-smoking related deaths run in the thousands. Photos of victims are being held back by these cigarette companies from public knowledge for suckers like me not to militate against them and continue buying these addictive stuff.

I admit–I’m a sucker. But, hey, don’t let others be like me. Lucio Tan and the rest of the Philip Morris guys should very roast themselves in hell, but, be responsible enough to inform others, especially non-suckers who are thinking of smoking, that smoking is definitely not fun nor cool.

Cigarette smoking heats the body up. When your lungs can’t take the heat, it produces mucos. That mucos impedes the normal flow of precious oxygen into your lungs, irritating it and therefore, you cough. And that cough is pretty much humiliating especially if you’re infront of your girlfriend. Imagine yourself coughing while saying those immortal I love yous infront of your loved one, and spitting out those toxic mucos. Yuck.

The Department of Health has issued Administrative Order no. 2010-0013 ordering tobacco companies in the Philippines to include graphic health information in their packages. This is to show the effects of consuming these lethal health hazards. The intention is laudable. The intention is serious and just tries to tell these tobacco companies to show the real score.

And you know what? These tobacco companies are not following government orders. Reason? No law was passed telling them to include graphic health information in their cigarette packs. WTF? You have an administrative order coming from a legitimate government agency, and a constitutional body at that, and you say that no law exists ordering you to do the right thing?

I am a smoker and I hate tobacco companies who lie.

If this cough continues and I go to my doctor later on and if my doctor tells me definitively that my cough is a direct consequence of my tobacco smoking and Winston did not tell me that smoking his cigarette causes me these humiliating cough, then, I’ll sue his ass off! Or probably, I’ll burn their factories and ask people to militate against them and launch a campaign against Philip, Winston, Fortune, and Marlboro man. (Marlboro man died of cancer. So much for riding a horse while smoking. Latest news: the horse which Marlboro man rode to infamy, also died due to second hand smoke).

Anyway, last night, I started investing on my health. I bought myself an electronic cigarette. It cost me 850. Yep, that’s my investment. I am dead serious. I want to rid myself of this habit. Cigarette smoking kills. I know it. The tobacco company men know it. Everyone knows it. Yet, every one tries to ignore it.

It is now time for people to admit that smoking is serious stuff and it kills.


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  • how are you!This was a really magnificentsuper topic!
    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to search your blog in yahoo
    Also I get much in your topic really thanks very much i will come daily

  • i tried smoking before too, during college.. wala lang, no effect.. Which is a good thing. Itried it because everyone else is doing it.. Kulang lang talaga allowance ko kaya di ako na hook sa smoking.

  • Ben Adams says:

    People will do everything for money. Tobacco companies won’t mind how their products will affect the users, what they want is profit and even if it seems as if they care just because they give warnings while advertising, their products are more appealing than the caution. Sad to know that even if smokers know exactly the effects of cigarettes, they still ignore it. I hope that they will realize how much loss they will experience when they won’t quit. I suggest some best ways to quit smoking. It will surely help a lot.

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