Chuck Norris and the Expendables

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Chuck Norris, the white man who was beaten to a pulp by Bruce Lee, seems intent of getting his showbiz career up again. He has been seen lately, doing the Hollywood rounds. Maybe he’s inspired with the way the Sly revived his along with other “action has-beens”. Stallone’s action packed movie The Expendables made a huge hit out of a very traditional plot, which is mainly blasting, killing, gorging and of course, the usual karate kicks.

The Expendables revived the action genre and again, sets into motion, the production of other similar movies. Norris, for one, has been known to be a pre-Stallone star and for his martial arts antics. The only question now is, will he revive his former films which runs like a Stallone?

I am just wondering why Stallone left Norris out of the cast of Expendables. I mean, Norris still packs a punch? Or, he’s just too old to do those stunts?

Anyway, it is quite a shocker if we see Norris pitting his guns against Sly or maybe team up with the muscle man of Hollywood for another Vietnam rescue mission.


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