Flashpoints in Asia

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Two disturbing flashpoints in Asia which also affects the Philippines–Korea and the Spratlys Island. South Korea and the United States have just finished their joint military exercises, in direct contravention with the threat by the North Koreans. North Korea has just said that it is now in the final stages of uranium enrichment, meant to satisfy its energy needs. The US opposes North Korea, saying that the Stalinist state’s real intention is missile development. The US sent its destroyers and nuclear powered warships in the Yellow sea, a strong action meant to diffuse the situation. However, there is still high tension in the Korean peninsula, shortly after the North sent bombs and artilleried some parts of the South.

China has built a lighthouse in one of the disputed reefs in the Spratlys Island group. the 20×20 meter structure is considered a direct action meant to challenge the Philippine claim since the structure was built at Zamora reef, a reef 26 kilometers away from the town of Kalayaan, a municipality of Palawan.

The Philippines claims nine of the major islands of the 160 island archipelago. China has built most of its structures in most of the Philippine claims, sending a signal that the State is still weak insofar as enforcement of its rights in the Spratlys is concerned.

China’s action is actually a direct challenge to the United States, not of the Philippines. While the US is busying trying to diffuse the Korean conflict, here comes China, exploiting the situation.

The Philippines must send a very strong diplomatic protest against China before the international community.



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