Is dolphy dying?

December 12, 2010 § 11 Comments

Dolphy (Rodolfo Quizon in real life) is deathly sick. He still has one final film project to go, but as Fate would have it, that film is encountering funding problems. Showbiz insiders say, it is not Mang Dolphy’s fault. Those fat checks which they got from him, bore wrong signatures and the banks just don’t see why they’ll allow encashment when those signatures appear dubious. Anyway, let Zsa Zsa Padilla Madlangbayan solve it.

If you watch several of Dolphy’s movies over at Cinema One, you’ll notice that most of his partners there have died already. He’s the only one left standing. Panchito, his long-time friend and side-kick, have longed joined the pantheon of Filipino comedians now performing for the “Boss” up there in heaven. Chichay, Pugo and even Katsupoy have long rested. And Dolphy knows it.

Dolphy has been sick with pneumonia, an illness common to old people. This shows how weak his immune system really is. Dolphy has been at it for the past fifty or sixty years, and he continues to work. Eddie Garcia has since left the limelight, while Gloria Romero is still playing mother and grandmother roles. Only Dolphy remains playing stellar roles.

ABS-CBN interviewed Dolphy and what he said, just really struck me. He says that he’s ready to leave this world, but he has only one wish–for him to live longer still to enjoy some more time with his family, especially, his grandchildren. Dolphy continues to be the dotting father to all his children. He has not re-married. His wish to get married with Zsa-Zsa remains a pipe dream since Zsa-Zsa’s earlier marriage continues. Zsa-Zsa has not gotten her annulment papers approved by the court simply for one logical reason—her husband has not even filed for annulment. Under the law, the guilty party has no right to file for annulment, only the aggrieved one. And the aggrieved doctor remains defiant, probably until Dolphy’s death.

Despite this, Dolphy continues to weave his magic, singing and dancing and acting like Charlie Chaplin. He’s the only one left promoting that legacy. For all of these, for all the laughs and the celebration of life seen in Dolphy’s off and reel lives, we remain in total respect and gratification. Yes, it is time for God to harken His servant. Let him rest. Though we will lose someone who, for many decades and for many generations, have brought joy to our hearts, it is time to recognize that these servants of God need rest too. Dolphy is no exemption.


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