Christina Aguilera Nude

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Christina Aguilera nude photo, post-Disney

You know what’s common among former Disney teen idols, like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens? You guessed it! They are now officially claiming to have been victimized by hackers. Yes, Aguilera’s recent nude photos were, according to her official spokesperson, leaked into the web by a hacker. And why is that? Why did the hacker do it, and where in hell did this “hacker” got those racy pictures? No body knows. If we are to believe this yarn, even Cristina Aguilera does not know. Maybe these came exactly where people believe they really came from—the files of Aguilera’s publicist?

Seriously, what would you do for your client, especially one where the star has dimmed considerably all these years? I mean, Madonna did it in her time. When her star began to flicker, she then ordered the release of her pre-stardom nude photos. That became an instant hit.

Paris Hilton owe us a huge gratitude for making her the penultimate slut queen with those “leaked sex video”. Rihanna had her share of notoriety, with those nude photos of her splashed the day her rude boyfriend got caught with his hands in her beautiful face.

Celebrities do these once or even twice in their careers. Pre-sex video scandal days, all that a waning star needs to do is plead before Playboy to get herself nude in their next issue. That truly works especially in the publicity arena.

Going nude and publicly is’nt really the issue. The main issue here is–do you have what it takes to bare all? Do you have the goods? Fortunately, post-Disney stars look good on photos.


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