Drone War in Pakistan

December 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

American military operated drones have killed 101 Pakistanis so far, in the heightening of anti-terrorist efforts at Pakistan. The drones, unmanned stealth airplanes armed with weapons, have so far been successful in eliminating alleged terrorist leaders. However, despite its technological advancement, drones have been blamed on innocents killed in the “crossfire”. A Pakistani man has accused the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of killing his son and other relatives whom he described as non-combatants. The Pakistani has filed a 500 million damage suit against the CIA and the US government.

What is surprising is this–that man included the name of the top spy of the CIA in Pakistan. This puzzled many since the name of the section chief has remained mysterious, until recently. The inclusion of the name has cast a very dark cloud over Pakistani-US relations. Why? Clearly, only top military officials in the Pakistani government knows of the man’s real identity and his inclusion in the suit is a clear violation of official military intelligence protocols between Pakistan and the US.

Is there a leak in the highly secretive agency or that Pakistani violated its confidentiality agreement with the US military and Pentagon? Seems that this incident will definitely mar the already tensed relationship between the world’s supercop and the world’s haven of suspected Islamist militants for years to come.




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