Grand China National Acrobatic Circus at the Araneta Coliseum: Spectaculicious!

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Grand China National Acrobatic Circus at the Araneta Coliseum

I have a son, barely 3 years old. When we watched a fake IMAX movie at the IMAX theater at the SM Mall of Asia last Christmas, I wasted 401 pesos for that. He just slept throughout the show. And really, I was mad. Why? I really believed that we, and hundreds of others, were “had” when SM Cinemas showed Tron Legacy only on 3-D, and not IMAX.

Grand China National Acrobatic Circus at Araneta Coliseum

The experience I had at SM is not at all, extraordinary, oh no. Every single holiday here in the Philippines, you’ll get to watch something or some event when you’ll feel that you were robbed of your precious peso.

Last night, it was different. Not only do I feel that I witnessed not just a “splendid” show, but the most spectacular grand circus act ever in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. Have seen a lot of circuses in my life, even those from the United States, England, France, Hongkong and Singapore. Even that famous Circu du Soleil, adjudged as one of the most beautiful in the world.

I must say that the Grand China National Acrobatic Circus, now being played at the Araneta Coliseum approximates, if not, upstage the Circu du Soleil. Really. Why?

This circus promises to take you on a cultural journey, expressed through beautifully choreographed contortions of the human body. Fact is, I feel that the entire show celebrates the beauty of the human form, and of life.

It was not just splendid, it was spectaculicious! Spectaculious because those thirteen award-winning acts are truly spectacular and delicious in the eyes. Feast your eyes, as the Grand China National Acrobats do some plate-spnning, juggling, hoop dives, dancing while hanging from velvet curtains and thin poles and a whole lot more of breath-taking tricks.

And my kid just watched the entire show, stupefied with wunderment. He was really amazed at seeing those almost impossible to stage acrobatics a few feet away from him. He stood there, unmindful of the things around him, and his eyes were just fixed at what’s happening at the Araneta Coliseum stage.

There were no fancy tricks, no animals harmed or exploited, no fire-eaters, magicians or freaks. The show is simply beautiful, both in imagery and in homage to the beautiful human form.

When I saw my kid, and the rest of my family enjoying the entire show, that justified the 5,000 plus pesos I forked out just so my entire family would be able to watch this one-of-a kind spectacle played here in Manila.

I commend Uniprom and the Araneta Group of Companies for staging this show. This is not a rip-off. You’ll get to spend your precious peso watching a show that is not just exciting—it’s really amazing!

A much-applauded number is the so-called Diabolo–a stunt cum dance routine by several Chinese girls spinning and throwing saucer-like containers using an elastic rope ala “yo-yo” style. Simple, it seems. But no.

The girls spin the saucers while doing triple somersaults and hand stands on their fellow acrobats’ heads. They also throw the saucers while doing triple rope jumps and catching the saucers nimbly on its way down.

Wow. Simply astounding.

The finale is something like a lithe and very complex version of our local pandangguhan. Young girls dexterously twist their legsd and their tiny feet to hold up layers of bowls as they are hurled in the air from one acrobats’s shoulder to another. They also flip over several times in the process but never once do the bowls fall or break. It seems that the bowls were glued to their nimble feet.

I was informed that this act was the most difficult to execute and in fact, won the group the Golden Clown Award in the Monte Carlo Circus Festival.

The show was worth every single peso I forked out. If you want to enjoy your holiday and spend it with your entire family, this show is “it”! Their act ends on January 3, so you still have time to catch it at the Araneta Coliseum. Don’t believe me. Go see it for yourself and enjoy!







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