Lozano: Son killed due to destab against Aquino government

January 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Atty. Oliver Lozano who lost his son in the spate of heinous crimes last week believes that his son was killed as “part of a destabilization effort” to discredit the new administration.

Bull. Crap. Yan ka na naman Atty.

Admit it—the rise of criminality is linked to the worsening economic situation. Many people are desperate. Many people now resort to crimes such as carjacking to support the economic needs of their families.

Anti-Aquino groups don’t need a wrecking crew to discredit the administration. This administration is self-destructing anyway.

The only bright spot that this administration is doing is related to the peace process. The Office of the Presidential adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Deles is doing an excellent job. The rest are just enriching themselves while in office.

For one, the Aquino administration allowed a very business-minded man as head of the PNP. Bacalzo is known as a man of “business savvy” (you know what I mean), instead of someone who will buckle down to work and cleanse this country of criminality.

Second, you don’t need a group that will do despicable crimes to show how despicable the state of the nation is. For one, the rise of prices of almost every single thing in the market is more despicable than seeing the charred remains of some victim of crime. Disinheriting someone of the power to purchase an essential thing which comprises his humanity, is the most despicable crime. Poverty is the most heinous crime ever. The spread of poverty is the spread of inhumanity. When poverty incidences rise, inhumanity rises with it. When inhumanity exists, it likewise shows alienation.

Third, whenever people see hopelessness rise and people feel that they have limited options to survive, they will do these things out of desperation and out of expressing their outrage against the system.

Poor people see the break down of law and order more clearly than what middle class people see. The proletarian class bears the brunt of economic disorder. Those of the lowest class–the  lumpen proletariat–sees the breakdown as a sign for systemic disruption.

Crime is but a reaction to the existing socio-economic condition. Deviance of the laws of the elite is partly the product of unequal power relations and inequality in general. It is an understandable response to the poverty situation.

Are we now seeing a silent revolution from the loins of the lumpen proletariat and in the future, the proletariat himself?

Are we now seeing the beginnings of the phenomenon we saw in EDSA tres, where the poorest of the poor staged the most violent people-led mass action against the State?


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§ 2 Responses to Lozano: Son killed due to destab against Aquino government

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