Victoria Jackson–every woman’s survival kit

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Victoria Jackson's survival kit

Every woman has a secret—a secret that I, as a loving husband to a beautiful lady just discovered lately.

One of the pet peeves of a woman is always have a makeup kit at hand. A make-up kit, says my wife, saves her day. You don’t know what will happen within a day.

You don’t know if you meet or see one of your friends, or you just bump into your boss, or a business opportunity comes along.

That’s why it’s so important for a woman to have a ready set of makeup with her. and what’s better if all of your makeup needs are just lumped into one handy kit.

Victoria Jackson does that for you.

Victoria Jackson’s survival kit is complete–you have your blushes, your lipstick, your beauty pencils–everything you need for making your day glow.

Victoria Jackson’s cosmetics are hypoallergenic—great for your skin. It is great for all skin types. And I got this from my woman who does not buy brands that she does not believe in.

She applied one of those blushes into my skin and it looks like I don’t have makeup. That’s just it, she says. Women like applying makeup as if there’s none. Men, like me, don’t like women with lots of makeup in their faces. They look like kabukis.

What we want are women who looks as naturally beautiful as those models out there. You can look like a model, if you use Victoria Jackson. And, looking at her now, she’s probably right.






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