America voted Skylar off American Idol–four left

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, it’s only just four contestants left at American Idol. Skylar Laine, which some days back, says she’s dead serious in her campaign to become the next American Idol, got the axe. Laine was one of the bottom two, along with British-American blonde, Hollie Cavanagh. Before her name was announced, there were several people who thought that it was Cavanagh’s turn to close the curtain. It was a shock though that America voted for Skylar, who was seriously one of those considered to be a strong contender for the title this season.

Skylar sang two songs which the judges say were excellent. Vocally, Skylar’s voice is typical country. Nothing unique. Yet, what differentiates her from, say, Jessica Sanchez, is her electric performance on stage. She’s a party girl, says Randy Jackson, and we could’nt agree more.

However, ranged against Jessica and Joshua Ledet, Skylar pales in terms of vocal performance. I think America already trained its ears on what’s the voice that is considered technically excellent and technically superior. In this season, 16 year old Jessica Sanchez and 19 year old Joshua Ledet get the votes. Ledet idolizes Fantasia and sings like her. Jessica, obviously, has a unique voice, something which only comes once in a generation. Had Skylar competed in a different season, things would have been different.


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