American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez should improve her choice of songs

May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Now that there is only four contestants left, with Jessica Sanchez included in the Top 3, many are wondering who’s next after Skylar? If you look at the previous weeks, Hollie Cavanagh should be next in line. She’s always at the bottom three. 

There’s a problem though. While many of the singers are peaking up, Jessica Sanchez’s performances compared with her previous ones, are losing steam. She is having some problems with her choice of songs, even her appearance or look on the show. At the last show, Jessica’s first rendition of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary was loungey and somewhat racy, according to a record producer who commented about her tight mini-shirt. Jessica is just sixteen years old, but her choice of dress for the show is always a little bit mature for her age. Same goes to her songs. She better find the right song for her to cruise thru the show.

Team Jessica should be extremely worried since Joshua Ledet is peaking too. I am not entirely worried with Philip Philips because, by the looks of it, he is there because he looks great. Down the wire, this is a singing competition, and the best singers will eventually emerge as the best two. It will just be a matter of time before the American public recognizes the limitations of Philip Philips as an artist.

Whatever happens, the Filipino-American community should be proud of Jessica. Jessica is heaven sent. This rare gem only comes once in a lifetime. We may have lost Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, yet many believe that they are now being personified by this sixteen year old. She sings like MIchael and Whitney. 


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