China: Philippines should surrender sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal

May 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Philippine Foreign Affairs secretary Alberto del Rosario denies that China and the Philippines are not in speaking terms. Yes, both camps want to resolve the issue over at Scarborough shoal. The Philippines insists of international arbitration through the ITLOS, which implements the UNCLOS. The only question is, China remains adamant in its official stand—surrender Scarborough shoal to them.

There is no denying that both sides are talking but are they communicating properly. It seems that both have differing views on how to resolve the issue. In a Manila Times news article today, China’s Hong Lei, a high ranking official of the Foreign Ministry, insists that for the issue to be resolved, the Philippines should recognize China’s claims over the shoal and forget that these are just 230 nautical miles off Masinloc Zambales, making it a part of Philippine patrimony. 

Despite claims that it is not arming nor preparing for war, China says that its Guanzhou Military district and its South China sea naval fleet were made to undergo level 2 war preparedness, something which contradicts public statements. While the Philippines remains open even to compromise its official stance.

More than twenty Chinese ships are now at Scarborough shoal, while only two ships were dispatched by the Philippines there. Sources say, Chinese fishermen have been actively divesting the place of rare corals and exotic fishes under the watchful eye of the Chinese authorities and under the weary eyes of the Philippine Coast Guard.

China insists that Philippine ships leave the place first, something which the Philippines is wont to do. Both sides are hardening their individual stances, probably knowing full well that one has a weakness. 

China probably thinks that the United States will not act in defense of the Philippines. China intends to dump its US dollars and has prompted their Central Bank to do so to afflict much damage to the US currency, now under intense international pressure. 


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  • Sugel says:

    Other notable islands on the Zambales Coast are the islands of Potipot, 1 kilometer away from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, further north of Iba (roughly over an hour away). The island is reached by 5 minutes by boat and it has lush vegetation and white sand beaches as well. Grande Island in Subic Bay is great for wreck diving as well as if you want to increase your count of the number of islands you have been to in the Philippines- you might as well drop into Snake Island also in Subic and Hermana Mayor Island in Santa Cruz. Panatag Shoal (also known as Scarborough Shoal) 137 miles off the coast of Palauig town offers diving opportunities. As early as the 1500s, Filipinos have used this shoal to fish and seek shelter during bad weather. While being ridiculously claimed by China and Taiwan (Manila is heaps closer to the shoal than Beijing or Taipei), the shoal is being administered by the Philippine Navy and Panatag shoal falls within the baseline limits of the United Nations Convention of the Laws of the Seas (UNCLOS). Topographic, scientific and marine studies have been conducted by University of the Philippines and the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the area. Chinese poachers continue to harass the area.

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