AVAYA helps SMEs and schools in greater connectivity

May 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

AVAYA, the world’s leading technology provider, has just launched its new Ethernet routing switches designed to empower Small and Medium-sized enterprises, schools, events places, shops and hospitals with enterprise-class features and capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

The Ethernet Routing Systems 3500 or ERS 3500 series are compact-sized Ethernet switches designed for small spaces yet delivers top-notch network services such as Gigabit Ethernet, resilient stacking and convergence at prices points for the small and mid-size market. The ERS 3500 simplifies common network operations such as plugging in new IP phones or managing devices. It is designed to work seamlessly with AVAYA IP Office to simplify deployments of our flagship collaboration solution for SMEs and make their businesses, more productive, faster and reliable.

The AVAYA ERS 3500 series delivers cost-effective and fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity that supports voice and data convergence. It operates silently, great for open environments such as doctors’ offices, classrooms, conference rooms, shops and hospitality suites.

AVAYA ERS 3500 have true plug and play functionalities especially in connecting these devices with IP phones. These switches are designed to automatically synch with AVAYA IP Office, for seamless, hassle-free deployment of mobile and business collaboration features such as messaging, video conferencing and presence. One single command will automatically provision the switch and enable all IP phones on an AVAYA IP office system.

Rohit Mehra, director of Enterprise Communications Infrastructure of IDC USA says that the AVAYA ERS 3500 is a product that responds exactly to the needs of a growing SME market. Mehra says “The mid-market enterprise and the SME segment are growing markets for cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet solutions that provide the full range of capabilities typically seen in enterprise-grade networking switches. Solutions such as Avaya’s new ERS 3500 are appropriate for these businesses and for segments such as education, healthcare and hospitality. They provide an attractive entry point for a stacking platform along with other options such as silent, fanless operation. This lets enterprises start small and allows for growth as business and capacity needs grow.”

The AVAYA ERS 3500 series comes with a stackable Ethernet architecture that will allow customers to stack up to eight ERS 3500 units for enhanced network availability, simplified management and up to 80 Gps of virtual backplane capacity. Intuitive tools are also included in every AVAYA ERS 3500 package for managing, trouble-shooting and operating devices—including web-based GUI management, industry aligned command line interface (CLI), comprehensive centralized management and configuration tools for large branch office deployments.

Val Robison, sales Vice President of Sunturn USA describes AVAYA’s new ERS 3500 as a reliable partner of  small and medium sized business with large organizational requirements. “Avaya’s new ERS 3500,” says Robison, “ is a flexible switch that will meet the needs of many of our customers. It delivers a terrific set of features for large organizations with voice-specific capabilities and a price that will really appeal to smaller enterprises. It’s a great addition to our portfolio of offerings that will make it even simpler to install and support end-to-end solutions from Avaya for our customers.”

The device is also ready for the next generation convergence with features like enhanced Power over Etrhernet (POE+) that help future-proof networks and power advanced IP phones, wireless access points and video surveillance cameras. The ERS 3500 has a 10-  and 24-port model variants.

The ERS 3500 improves the user experience and gives customers the features and capabilities they need. This is part of the ongoing effort at AVAYA to deliver the best solutions to customers worldwide.


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  • The Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series offers compact Ethernet switches designed for small and medium enterprises, branch offices, and open environments requiring silent operation. This series of 10 and 24-port model variants delivers high performance, secure, and resilient Ethernet switching. Choose from a range of models that support 10/100 and 10/100/1000 connectivity, PoE, PoE , fanless operation and 1 GbE uplinks.

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