Pacquiao’s stunning defeat to Timothy Bradley: conspiracy theories and facts

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Manny Pacquiao used to be the world’s best pound for pound boxer. Now, with a stunning loss to Timothy Bradley in a split decision in their fight today, the Pacman’s defeat may be the most worrisome in his career.

Many people are criticizing the judges’ decision to award the fight to Bradley. I saw the fight, and like others, it may not be the outcome that many expect but there is some truth to the judges’ decision.

For one, let us recognize that boxing, like any other sport, depends on scores. In boxing, judges award the round to the boxer who they think landed the best and biggest number of punches. Based on the judges’ scoring, Bradley won in seven out of twelve rounds. They probably judged it based on the number of punches Bradley unleashed against Pacquiao.

I previewed the fight again, and noticed that inspite of being tagged so many times by Pacquiao, Bradley survived every single round by either pedaling back, or using the best defense available–he used his hands to parry the shots away. Yes, Pacquiao nearly stunned Bradley out of his senses, but the fact was, he was’nt able to. Yes, Bradley appeared more tired and stressed than Pacquiao but the 28 year old boxer was relentless. Bradley was stung here and there, but for every stung, he counter-punched.

When Pacquiao stings, Bradley stings thrice. When Pacquiao unleash one bomb, the Desert Storm counters with four bombs. Those counter punches which mostly connected in Pacquiao’s face and body, were counted.

However, in terms of power punches, the Pacman won.

That’s how Oscar dela Hoya thinks–that fight would have been judged based on the performances of the boxers.


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