Diana Zubiri still rocks

July 7, 2008 § 2 Comments

 FHM just launched their new edition a few days (or weeks?) ago. And when I saw  Diana Zubiri as the cover girl, I admit, it rocked my world. 

 Diana Zubiri still rocks. And I’m glad that she’s been given several note-worthy  projects over at GMA Channel 7. However, let me put to task the editors of this  men’s mag.

 Please, if you convince her to be your cover girl again, don’t put so much make-up  on her. I mean, we love our girls to look luscious. We love them in their natural  state, so to speak. Also, the photo which shows the left side of her face, is not her  best angle. You should know that since you’ve been photographing her since she  started her career. You know that the best part of her is making her look natural. 

 And oh, by the way, Marian Rivera became the number one over at FHM. But, it went  without controversy though. Some Angel Locsin fans argued that it should have  been that long necked angel over at ABS-CBN. 

I looked at Marian’s photo and well, this is the best photo I have ever seen. She looks sexy. And she’s not dancing nor showing those armpits at this one. Thanks!

If you happen to have a photo of Marian in her FHM glory, please send me one. I’ve been looking all over the internet for that one. 

And since I don’t have any, let me amuse you with a photo of Katrina Halili, undeniably, the best offering of the female kind since cameras were invented.….Oppps!

Sorry, its a photo of Katherine Heigl that I have. In my next post, I’ll post Katrina. 

My sweet mistake. Oh well, you guys can understand. By the way, Heigl just received an award. Previous to that, she’s just one of the interns in the hit series. Now, this German girl is one of the hottest female celebrities in town. I just hope she post in Playboy.


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